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General cleaning service – House cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City

House Cleaning Services in Ho Chi Minh City – House cleaning is a complicated and necessary process to keep your home clean and safe. However, this really is also very time intensive and labor intensive. So let BestClean.vn clean your property!

Best Clean cleaning service provides house cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City with a team of professional and experienced staff. We will handle the cleaning on your own behalf after construction, newly built, repaired, renovated, or long-term houses that need total cleaning.

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I/ Cleaning the house I reside in

House cleaning is a significant job that helps maintain a clear and safe living environment. However, because of being busy in time and work, many of us can just only clean visible objects and surfaces. The residual locations are hidden, aspects of little activity are often not cleaned regularly.

House cleaning jobs being used include:

Collect furniture: Before cleaning, you’ll need to collect the furniture on to the floor, including clothes, books, toys, etc.

Surface cleaning: After cleaning the ground, you’ll need to wash the top of those items with a towel or brush and cleaning chemicals if necessary.

Clean the glass: If there are windows or glass inside your home, you’ll need to wash the glass with a glass cleaning solution and a washing cloth.

Clean the kitchen and toilet: These areas must be thoroughly cleaned to make certain safe hygiene for the family. If needed, you should use chemical cleaners to get rid of bacteria and odors.

Wash items such as bed sheets, curtains, towels, cloth diapers, etc.

Clean the ground: Beginning the previous room, you’ll need to sweep and clean a floor with a chalk brush, mop or vacuum cleaner.

II/ General cleaning Old house hasn’t held it’s place in for quite a long time

General cleaning of a classic house that has not been occupied for quite a while is really a job that will require careful preparation and a clear process. Here are a few steps to do a broad cleaning of one’s old home:

Perform basic cleaning steps: Like sweeping trash, cleaning surfaces, cleaning glass, cleaning kitchen and toilets following the exact same procedure as in the aforementioned answer.

Clean the ceiling: Ceiling is usually a location where dust and termites become hiding places. You can use a brush to sweep dust from the ceiling or, if at all possible, use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust.

Cleaning yellowed items: If items such as for instance faucets, bathtubs, and sinks are yellowed, you need to use specialized cleaning chemicals or natural chemicals such as lemon juice, vinegar. white, baking soda for cleaning.

Remove paint from the wall: If there is paint on the wall, you can use paint remover chemicals, or use a stiff brush to scrub hard.

Furniture cleaning: If the furniture has stubborn stains or smells, you can use chemicals to wash or wrap it to avoid odors.

For damp or moldy areas, you should use specialized chemicals or natural chemicals to get rid of bacteria and mold.

Sanitize pet rooms: If you have pets, it’s important to completely clean their areas thoroughly to eliminate bacteria and odors.

After completing the overall cleaning process of one’s old home that you have not lived in for quite a while, you should check it again thoroughly to make sure that there are no traces of dirt or odors left.

III/ General cleaning Newly built house, house after renovation

Newly built or renovated houses usually have a lot of fine dust, garbage and construction odors. Therefore, cleaning newly built houses and houses after renovation requires specialized cleaning machines and equipment. Furthermore, it is required to take care to ensure that the furniture inside your home is not damaged or affected.

Hiring a residence cleaning service, newly built after renovation is a good solution to simply help bring a healthier living environment and improve quality of life.

Cleaning process for newly built houses, houses after renovation

Coarse cleaning: Collecting construction waste, plastic waste, sorting and gathering

Vacuum and clean the lighting system, ceiling, negative ceiling

Cleaning exhaust fans, hood fans, wall-mounted equipment

Cleaning baseboards, paint sticks to surfaces

Cleaning glass doors and frames

Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning of rooms includes: interior cleaning “inside out”, vacuuming, scrubbing and mopping floors

Sanitize the stairs

Industrial floor polishing, floor polishing

IV/ Apartment cleaning service

With the development and boom of apartment buildings in large towns such as for instance Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc., the demand for cleaning and sanitation of apartments also develops. With diverse service packages, competitive prices help homeowners save time, money and effort for cleaning.

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