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They all offer the same cars with more or less the same prices, but only a few of them have a whole fleet of exotic, sport, and luxury cars for rent. Luxury car for a day, and you’ll be travelling the roads and byways in supreme luxury and style. Luxury Car For Rent comes in all shapes and sizes, and choose from spacious status models to zippy high-class sports cars. Leather seats, heated steering wheels and the newest safety and navigation systems are just some of the features you can think to find in our high-end Cars.

  • With all of that capacity inside your car, you won’t have to worry about the number of bags you’re taking with you or even that extra luggage the Mrs. will be carrying.
  • The Walk and Beach at JBR are great for a mixture of chilled vibes and to soak up some sun.
  • Ferrari GTC 4 car has plenty of room for leg space so even the back passengers can stretch their legs and get comfortable.
  • We offer free service and maintenance, so you are guaranteed of additional savings on your car rental.
  • We also have friendly, 24/7 live chat customer service if you have any questions.
  • We offer other options to take pleasure in long-distance luxurious and sports cars.
  • You can take good quality pictures; stop to have a perfect experience of the places you visit and to interact where possible.

The rear window can also be lowered whether the top is open or not. Pulling down the roof reveals storage space behind the comfortable leather seats. The magnificent convertible Ferrari 488 Spider is the most powerful mid-engined convertible from Ferrari to date.

Why Choose Our Luxury Car Rental Service?

Ferrari 488 Spider rental price in the UAE is approximately AED 2.400 a day. It costs between AED 1000 and AED 6000 to rent a Ferrari in Dubai. The model, year of manufacture, and duration you stay with the Ferrari are what determine the price. There is a maximum mileage limit of 250km per day so if you exceed that mileage, you will need to pay extra.

This protects against damage caused by the negligence of third parties only. It does not cover damage that is the fault of the rental car driver. More comprehensive insurance is available called Collision Damage Waiver . This gives all-around protection for faults by third parties and the rental car driver. At Renty, we specialize in top-end supercar brands (such as Ferrari, Porsche, etc.).

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This shopping mecca is one of the most-visited malls in the city. The Dubai Fountain in Downtown Dubai is worth a visit for its excellent water and light show. The Walk and Beach at JBR are great for a mixture of chilled vibes and to soak up some sun. Likewise, Dubai Marina is equally impressive for its range of private yachts and the Dubai Marina Mall. Dubai is a magnificent place for vacations and business retreats. Many people from all over the visit the place to have some fun.