A Fun Easter Treasure Hunt For Every Age Group

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Hans Solo and Princess Leah: For the Star Wars fans, achievable always as two of the most famous characters coming from a series: Hans Solo and Princess Leah. Watch the flicks and get yourself a feel for google.com what their clothing and accessories looked appreciate. Hans Solo can wear his famous vest and Princess Leah can wear the beautiful long gown from the start of scenes and even more scantily clad get-up she was wearing when she what food was in Jabba the Hut’s lair.

God and Goddess: Reach out to the party in true Greek fashion with togas for the guys and beautiful flowing white gowns for that ladies. Dress it program a cute gold belt, and the men can conduct a dagger or sword. You’ll look smashing and you happen to be in the favor of the Gods, which guarantees you have a great moment in time.